Project Management
A good way of introducing something new or implement a change is to take care of different elements, it deserves all attention. Of interest is that employees communicate with each other and joint the particular goal within a set timeline and budget. This is the idea behind project management. Through good structured project management you can make sure the goal is achieved.

Obviously there are larger and smaller projects. Important during projects is the allocation of resources (e.g. money, human resources) and realistic planning to achieve the target. Depending on the project you will also take into account internal and external communications.

PQM Consultancy has experience in various types of projects (and techniques).

Quality Management
There are many types of guidelines and regulations, often regulated by a authority, where a company has to deal with. E.g. guidelines and regulations regarding ISO 900X, GCP, GLP or GMP, but also for medical devices and the (medical)food industry. These guidelines and regulations will in many cases stress the company to develop and maintain a quality system. However, many companies have difficulties with the interpretation of the guidelines or regulations. PQM Consultancy can help you with this interpretation.

We advise, support and train your staff in setting up and maintain a quality management system (QMS). You must think of mapping your processes, make a plan for the introduction of a QMS, preparation of procedures (e.g. SOPs, work instructions, forms, templates), training of the established procedures, maintaining the QMS (document control) and perform change management for the QMS, buildings, processes and systems.

In all industries guidelines and/or regulations apply to ensure that the quality of products and/or services are guaranteed.  Performing an internal regular audit is a way to validate if your company is still working according to the guidelines and/or regulations. But also control of suppliers is validated with an audit.

Within PQM Consultancy extensive experience is available to perform audits at different levels (e.g. ISO, GxP, Excipients, quality, CISA, Food, Medical Device).

Support can be provided in the following areas:
- Development of audit programs, based on a risk-based approache, and audit reporting
- Perform internal audit / self-inspection
- Executing external audit of your service provider (s) regarding raw materials, excipients, materials, services (including outsourcing ICT, maintenance, testing laboratories)
- Preparation and/or monitoring of audits, e.g. (government) Inspection
- On-the-job or class room training for your employees

One of the basic characteristics of a company's is knowledge. Knowledge of employees is need for the delivery of a good quality tof the product. Employees are indeed the core of your business. It is therefore important that your employees are well informed and are able to work within the quality you expect them to have. To ensure that your employees do their job properly they need proper training and education.

PQM Consultancy can provide quality training in collaboration with the International Training Institute PQT International BV. The training can be customized to your own business situation and are practically oriented. If PQT International does not has the knowledge in house, PQT International will work partners, so that they still can assured the high quality of training.

For more information please visit the website PQT International